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coming up on archie the bradley manning trial nears the end today the army whistleblowers defense team presents their closing arguments updates on this case from fort meade just ahead. and another new source has found itself under government surveillance antiwar dot com is suing the f.b.i. for the release of records believed to be kept by about the organization more on that coming up. and while the media stream media has been odd over the royal birth a detail was missed it turns out that the royal birth cost less than the average american birth why is it so much more expensive to have a baby in the states a wall look into that later on the show.
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hello there it's friday july twenty sixth four pm in washington d.c. i'm aaron aid and you're watching our t.v. . we start our newscast today in fort meade maryland where the defense team in the bradley manning trial delivered closing arguments today archies liz wahl has been in fort meade covering this trial from the beginning and brings us the latest hey there liz can you fill us in on what happened in bradley manning's defense team and what they presented in their closing arguments today. higher and yes today the defense presented their closing arguments and they started off by tackling the prosecution's case and their theory the way that they portrayed bradley manning the defense blamed them for cherry picking pieces of pieces of evidence without putting them into context and without giving really a full picture of really what bradley manning has been trying to say one of the
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first things that they said it was quote in their story has the logic of a child pointing out and coombs his view that their theory doesn't have much sophistication to it cooms today also played the apache video in court that video dubbed collateral murder that manning leaked to the secrecy website wiki leaks he played some of the most graphic parts of this video and he said how would you how would a twenty one year old think when he sees this and he asked this question you have to or he stated you have to look at this through the eyes of a young man that cares about human life so very contrary to what the prosecution yesterday is saying that bradley manning and their words does not care about any human but himself a defense also disputed how the government portrays wiki leaks the. organization that manning leaked the information to the government said that this is a legitimate journalistic organization that's just trying to do good investigative journalism and that that they're not tied to terrorism and terrorist organizations
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like the government had said and now he said that this organization basically is just trying to do investigative journalism hold the government accountable and to tell the public the truth basically is what he said is really what wiki leaks is all about now today he also said that the forensics prove that manning had a positive motive that he was not a traitor and that he was a whistleblower that was just trying to. it was government doing that he was well meaning and that he wanted to start airing this national debate so that is what we're hearing today in the defense's closing argument now we understand that as of yesterday security was ramped up considerably this is all during the closing arguments was that the case today is well. yeah yesterday's security was ramped up several notches and it really concerned
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a lot of reporters there we saw there were actually it was unprecedented there were armed guards military police in uniform kind of going through the aisles scanning some reporters' computers and there was a lot of some people use the word creepy yesterday we did notice today that they took it down several notches so. we're not really sure why it varies day to day we were told it was a response to. reporters violating some of the rules today though we notice that they did take it down a notch so not as bad today this is also heard reports that a cork struck with the artist who's been drawing court sketches of the trial was kicked out of the hearing what if you can see there. yeah this this sketch artist his name is clark stokely and he's he's a very colorful figure he's at his trial every day you drive this big van the wiki leaks truck is what it's called it has. released bradley manning on it
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and we noticed today by his stuff his computer and his belongings were removed from the media room that we weren't sure at the time he later tweeted that he was barred from the manning trial we later issued a statement from the public relations officer here and it says quote a member of the media has been barred from the court martial by order of the military judge for posting threatening messages were guarding some of the court martial participants we're not sure aaron what exactly these messages are referring to now. the defense team had some interesting closing arguments today but it seems like what you were saying before it's quite different from the way the prosecution portrayed manning yesterday as well can you expand on that a little bit. yeah you could if you heard the way it seems like they're talking about two completely different people today the
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defense portrayed manning as a humanist somebody that that really was just trying to do what was right a very well meaning and cared a lot about human life yesterday though the prosecution presented manning as somebody that was self-absorbed somebody that was seeking notoriety and fame at the time but he leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the secrecy website wiki leaks and that he when he did that he had full knowledge that he was aiding the enemy he knew that when he was leaking those documents he was putting it on the internet the world wide web for everybody to see everybody including the enemy and in the prosecution's view he did he knew very well the consequences of his actions he knew exactly what he was doing as an intelligence analyst working with classified information on a daily basis that he knew what he was doing so the government says he's a traitor today the defense says he's a whistleblower it's going to be up to the judge erin to decide if it's going to be
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up to her the verdict is all it's all on her but there you have it that was our two correspondent liz wall. and in the senate on thursday evening u.s. sanctions against any country offering asylum to snowden passed unanimously in the committee the thirty year old n.s.a. leaker remains in a moscow airport and while russia weighs the request for him to stay permanently the sanctions introduced by south carolina senator lindsey graham demanded that the state department coordinate with lawmakers on setting penalties against nations that seek to help snowden avoid extradition to the united states countries that could face these sanctions include russia along with bolivia than a swell and nicaragua authorities here in the u.s. charged noted under the espionage act for revealing details on government's massive surveillance system. but that if that's the stick here's the carrot now attorney general eric holder sent a letter to the russian government on friday assuring that snowden didn't qualify
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for asylum because of the leakers claims that he would face torture at the death penalty if he was returned holder says those claims are untrue he says quote first the united states would not seek the death penalty for mr snowden should he be returned to the united states second mr snowden will not be torture torture is unlawful in the united states but are snowden's concerned so unfounded holder's promise notwithstanding the united nations has characterized the u.s. is government the u.s. government's treatment of first first class private bradley manning who provided wiki leaks with almost one million classified cables as cruel inhumane and degrading and degrading a spokesman for the russian government said that it would not extradite snowden to the u.s. despite holder's letter meanwhile these n.s.a. leaks have struck a chord worldwide listening to the managing director of transparency international in germany he explains. in germany explains the effects of the disclosure in his country which led the organization to award the two thousand and thirteen
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whistleblower prize to snowden. we could of course very much hope and would welcome him if he could take the prize here in berlin on thirtieth of august personally we have always encouraged the german government to invite edward snowden on the witness protection program because the information he has given have indications that there might have been violations of the german loss and it should be the job of the german prosecutor to look into these and one of the key witnesses would be at first known and to morrow several groups have called for a demonstration in german cities and they will be demonstrations in about thirty cities another headline stop watching us so i think we see that he attempt the nerf there something pete people feel very strong about in germany and we will see where this will lead to further. now whether this prize will help snowden leave the airport terminal he's called home for more than
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a month that we do not know. the obama administration has come under scrutiny this summer following revelations that it is the spine of journalists and thanks to the exposure by edward snowden the american public now know the government has tremendous access to everything from our facebook accounts to our cell phone records however there is one media organization that isn't taking the government's antics lying down that's antiwar dot com in may the website announced that it was suing the f.b.i. for spying on them even though the f.b.i. acknowledged it didn't suspect the website of any crimes antiwar dot com demanded for the release of records that the editors believe the agency had been keeping on the founder and managing editor eric garrus and editorial director justin raimondo now for a firsthand perspective of what it was like for a news organization to go head to head with the government we have angela kean the director of operations at antiwar dot com hello angela hello aaron angela can you tell us first how antiwar dot com editors first knew that they were being spied on
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by the federal government well it's a great story back in the late summer. of two thousand and eleven our webmaster and founder eric harris received information from a reader who'd been casually looking at the website called script where large publicly shared documents are uploaded and found an unrelated freedom of information act request on an insole an issues that were ancillary to the events of nine eleven that mentioned quite a bit about antiwar dot com particularly asked a lot of kind of curiously basic inane questions about her editorial director just a rimando but it grew quite sinister from there there were implications about investigating readers and donors into anti-war anti-war dot com as well as find it indicated that information had been found through the. foreign intelligence surveillance act which of course leaves a question right open open about exactly what kind of snooping on antiwar dot com
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specifically just to rimando an eric harris and what did they find so after that it happened or erick erickson mediately started looking through the file and investigating and and ask you know making freedom of information act requests about you know what else to what else does the f.b.i. have on antiwar dot com well you know the you have the the f.b.i. had been given a year and a half of course to answer all kinds of questions they denied having any records that in one such things existed and then these still you of course decided after enough nonsense back in may they would file a case and the case is being filed under of course freedom information act request and the one nine hundred seventy four privacy request which of course guarantees that the first you know first amendment protected available journalism is not supposed to be under the surveilling of that kind of scrutiny and of course of this is part of the larger case of it's not just that these sorts of behaviors you know chill ordinary americans or make them fearful but it puts the whole issue of sure
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of is journalism a threat to national security and that of course you know that hits the fear whole pretense of course of democracy itself so it's really it's really quite dense it's really quite damning now for a specifically is a very small organization which requires you know relies entirely on an independent donations donors became scared people were frightened people pulled away from the site understandably so it's frightening to normal people and it's absolutely had an effect you know not just on our donors but you know the bit of the psyches of the staff right now how detrimental has this fine been and subsequent lawsuit how detrimental has it been for anti wars bottom line oh i mean terms of our donation we've lost a significant amount of money and we've had donor speech in one case that a donor specifically say that it made her to say that he couldn't it just. he was made uncomfortable and nervous by this and it's understandable i mean that's how normal people are going to react when you hear they are under the investigation of
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the united states government i mean eventually when they're ordinary innocent citizens who have an absolute right to read websites and express them and express themselves through contributing money to nonprofit organizations now why do you basically why do you think other news organizations we know that fox news new york times both of which have high profile cases regarding spine and their journalists why do you think they haven't pursued legal action like your organization and antiwar dot com i couldn't possibly speculate on the why i mean those are mainstream news organizations they really toil in different fields than we do and of course to understand it's absolutely unconscionable that the obama administration is you know wiretapping journalists of any political stripe or from any kind of news outlet understand that but we're smaller independent news news gathering organization so for us this is absolutely if we don't make a stand on this i mean we're not we're not only you know not you know we're also
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perish but we're not standing by the very very basic principles we think we're representing by exposing the brutality of the u.s. empire now aside from professionally how has the spine affected you personally. well i just i would say that you know what was a very poignant essay by our inner tauriel director just rimando is he wrote a great deal about what it immediately felt like when eric harris told him of this the existence of this file and just how of course it changes you know one's interactions with you know your family members you know you're having you know we're all human beings and we interact with families and we have our projects and hobbies we're communicating with people and the fact that someone is spying on your most intimate family relationships your rome everything that i mean it of course it creates a sense of fear in my case personally just a thought one funny anecdote is a family member of mine who's very very sympathetic to your cause said could you not write me from your work e-mail any longer and i thought ok so i mean it does affect things but understand this i mean be really clear the the war the anti-war
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movement has been hundred fifty cation since world war one anti-war activists of all stripes and all ideologies know they're being you know they're being spied upon this is nothing new antiwar dot com is just forcing the issue publicly thank you and that was angela keane the director of operations at antiwar dot com in egypt former president mohamed morsy was officially charged with espionage and ordered to be detained for fifteen days news of the arrest comes as tensions. u.s. rival political camps take to the streets in protest once again once again archie correspondent bell true brings us the latest from egypt. where we have had clashes here in the capital in an area called supra which the peak moment is where from where i'm standing here one happened was why evil marches accidentally cross and angry citizens and it up during rocks at each other we've also had
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a lot of violence outside the capital in the nile delta government dummy access and we saw again why the protest street fighting in the shoes of the post to city of alexandria where they support his opponents all vows to be to mohamed morsi courts in the main running point we've seen a very heavy deployment of bert the military and the police where i'm standing here in the area there are few tanks to the sari securing the square all the posts people here are taunting for the military and the police say actually seeing police officers mingling with the crowds meanwhile across the capital in sit ins but there you see largely members of the mission brotherhood the posting of the ousted leader we have also seen army vehicles who have been to their position there for several weeks now in case all caches this is really fueling the fire here this announcement this morning that most see as being detained over the charges of allegedly conspiring with palestinian organization hamas to spy on the country he's also
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being charged with that being responsible for the deaths of soldiers and prison guards when he broke out to boarding a train prison during the eighteenth they are pricing some people here saying it was a political decision to put him up for this particular charge because the ms motherhood is under attack from his mother had for their part maintaining that morsy is innocent and that he is an adjustment president's first people here are very much in my specialty practices saying that he is engaging the most he's engaging in acts of terrorism and these charges are correct so we see a massively divided country with a loss of violence already and further. what he clutched expresses on the rising. that was artie's vel true reporting. now the former police officer who pepper sprayed students during an occupy protests at the university of california davis is appealing for workers' compensation claiming he suffered psychiatric injuries from the two thousand and eleven incident and i'm sure you remember this video.
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john pike was fired in july twenty twelve eight months after a task force investigation found that his actions were unwarranted but that hasn't stopped the former cop from seeking financial compensation for his quote emotional injury injuries he says he suffered psychiatric injuries after videos of him and another officer dousing demonstrators with pepper spray went viral and sparked outrage john pike has a settlement conference set for august thirteenth in sacramento. and other news the justice department announced on thursday that the defense an energy contractor hella burton has pleaded guilty to the destruction of critical evidence after the two thousand and ten oil spill in the gulf of mexico known as deepwater horizon. now the company was charged with one count of destroying evidence relating to whether or not the two thousand and ten oil well blowout could have been prevented and whether the oil companies well service print company said it would pay the
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maximum allowed fine of two hundred thousand dollars and would be subject to three years of provision however it made a voluntary contribution of fifty five million dollars to the national fish and wildlife foundation. now the deepwater horizon rig explosion killed eleven workers and soiled hundreds of miles of beaches burton along with trans ocean and b.p. have pled guilty to criminal charges related to the spill. however news of the settlement did not affect halliburton stock prices shares are up more than three point eight percent in the afternoon trading. now in other news if this past week you happen to be watching any mainstream media outlets it probably looked a lot like this. he had such a that he resisted it labor now for over fourteen hours. they were going to the baby comes now. big boys play by. the way. it
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was. much easier to great britain now where we are learning the official name of england's newest heir to the throne prince george alexander louis george alexander louis george. is about to go to get it right three names george alexander louis and all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the birth of the latest british royal is some of what britain does best they do some other things pretty well too like the cost of having a baby the royal birth in the fanciest maternity ward the great britain has to offer cost fifteen thousand dollars the average american birth is billed about thirty thousand dollars here to discuss why this is the case is tina cassidy author of birth the surprising history of how we are born. you know i do and i'm fine how are you can you tell us a little bit about why this is the case and why the cost of having a baby in the u.s. is so much more than having a royal baby in the u.k.
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. absolutely first and foremost the u.k. has nationalized medicine so most women when they go to the hospital to have a baby are attended by a midwife i will also say that there is a large number number of women in the who have been at home. midwives or so their health their whole approach to maternity care is quite different from the u.s. separately the reason for the high cost of having a baby in the u.s. has a lot to do with the fact that we have lots of tests and technology that we applied to the birth and we use midwives much less frequently here and they have been proven around the world to drive down the cost of a birth and provide much safer outcomes now you said in the u.s. we have more tests as an authority on the subject are those tests necessary for the mother's health. not always often they're done because we have them and
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mothers may insist upon them because they think that by having the test they may be able to prevent something bad from happening but it is much less discussed the fact that by having a test it can introduce a problem to a pregnancy or a birth one very simple example of this is the electronic fetal monitor which almost all women have when they have a baby in the hospital just monitoring the baby's heartbeat and so forth but the net result of being a hooked up to that monitor means the mom can't move around during birth very much and that can have the negative side effect of prolonging labor and also producing false positives where they think there's a problem with the baby but there actually isn't not quite common so that would lead to could lead to something like an emergency c. section that may not be necessary as well which is a much more expensive interesting now you mention midwives before being much more
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popular in the u.k. why do you think they're not as popular here in the us well mid-market in the us have come and gone out of fashion many times they are on the upswing again many more women now are using them and requesting them but we have a really sort of history when it comes to midwifery in america the. doctor groups about one hundred years ago real he conspired against them and drove them out of practice to the point where there were virtually no midwives in america and it forced many women to enter the hospital system to give birth and it's been a slow climb back for it wives over the last so many decades. now again the cost of having a royal baby in the u.k. fifteen thousand dollars and they don't do as many tests here in the u.s. that's why it costs less do you know or have a list of the tests conducted in the u.k. and if i'm to have a baby here in the u.s.
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can i just ask for half the tests. sure you don't you don't you could certainly decline test to there are going to probably be many doctors who will say oh we'll do. a scan you know once every other month or so especially in the last two trimesters and that is definitely something moms can decline if there is no sign of a problem at all you don't necessarily even need one scan and that is certainly something that will drive up the costs there are many and he's in a different test that that the u.s. has in contrast with with the u.k. i would say that they have fewer but their whole approach to childbirth is a little bit more the natural occurrence and you know they don't necessarily all get epidurals which are quite common in the u.s. they use something called gas in air. and you know which is a very different approach all around which which approach would you side with if
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you were forced to pick one. well i've had a spare and i've had a home birth and i guess i would say let's enter vention as is always better for mom and baby. well there you have it that was tina cassidy author of birth the surprising has how we're born. now we're following a developing story this afternoon from guantanamo bay the department of defense says it plans to send to get mo detainees back to their homes in algeria the obama administration made the decision today and inform congress of these plans. so is this a sign that the white house is seriously considering closing gitmo only time will tell if the recent hunger strikes there could be behind today's move and archie is planning an expanded coverage of the quantum obey hundred hunger strikes six months their six month anniversary i will air on august sixth to.
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the guantanamo bay detention facility who is now over eleven years old the broken presidential promises the congressional subtile the never ending war on terror all forces that are inspired together to keep this prison open it will be but now a hunger strike there is a tear it all down because this hunger strike there six months or two takes a closer look at the prison just to be closer. to find want to miss that one that does it for now for more of the stories we covered you can go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america and check out our website our two dot com forward slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at aaron aid and stay tune prime interest is coming up. peace process what peace process the palestinians have suffered over four decades
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of illegal israeli occupation in over twenty years of the so-called american sponsored a go she should have gotten the impression see little why are obama and netanyahu going to boss interested in history does it have anything to do with peace or are there other agendas in play. he.
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good afternoon and welcome the prime interest i'm carrying boring but i'm bob english and here's today's headlines it's been a week of scandal it looks like j.p. morgan will settle with the feds for allegedly manipulating energy markets as exiting the commodities market all together this comes after a threat of a. another federal probe then big beer goes after big banks for manipulating the price of aluminum used for an unknown hello burton pleads guilty to pulling an enron and destroying evidence related to the two thousand and ten b.p. gulf of mexico spill they will pay a fine of up to two hundred thousand dollars but just to put this in perspective that's roughly point zero three percent of their six hundred seventy nine million dollars reported annual revenue.


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